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TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd. is an agriculture technology company, offering next generation environmental controllers in the horticultural market. 

We have deep roots in the horticulture and Controller industries and have invented a platform that is smart and connective. With an incredible flexibility, our platform is able to cover each individual grower’s needs, from the home hobbyist to large industrial facilities. 

Our platform offers remote access applications that enable our customers to manage every aspect of their grow facilities from anywhere anytime. We deliver automation, control, data collection, monitoring, and optimization. The upgradability of our systems also offers the value of continual improvements. We listen to growers, build products for growers…


HK Head Office

Trolmaster Agro Instruments Co Ltd.

Add: Room 2017, 20/F,  New Tech Plaza, No. 34 Tai Yau Street, Kowloon

Email: sales@trolmaster.com

USA Sales

J & L Hydro Supply 

Tech Support: 877-420-9876

Add: 1112 Eagleridge Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81008

Email: sales@trolmaster.com

USA Representative Agency 

Horticultural Rep Group (HRG) 

Tel: 866-328-6996

Add:Building 5C, Bay 5,113 North 700 West, Ogden UT 84404

Australia Sales

Dome Garden Supplies (AU)
Tel: +61 3 9282 1988
Add: 12 Pinnacle Rd, Altona North VIC 3025
Email: info@domegarden.us

Canada Sales

Green Planet Wholesale Ltd.

15374 103A Ave., Surrey,BC, Canada V3R7A2

Telephone: (604)580-1287

Email: info@mygreenplanet.com 

EU Representative Agency 

Horticultural Rep Group (EU)

Tel:  +39 06 9480 0829

Add: Largo Francesco Nagni 15, Viterbo Italia, 01100

UK Sales

IKON International

Tel: +44 (0) 1925 822 503

Email: sales@ikon-international.com

South Africa Sales


Tel: +27 (21) 534 1115
Add: 26 Losack Ave Epping 2 Cape Town
Email: info@hydrobiz.co.za 

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113 North 700 West, Building 5C, Bay 5
Ogden UT 84404
Tech Support
Phone: 877-420-9876
Email: support@trolmaster.com
1112 Eagleridge Blvd
Pueblo,CO 81008
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