Hydro-X Environmental Control System

The Hydro-X system is a complete, professional-grade environmental system. It is modular designed and fully customizable. The system has been optimized to control all devices within a single growing zone.

The main controller HCS-1 comes standard with a 3in1 temperature/humidity/light sensor. Other optional sensors can be added to the HCS-1 system such as a CO2 sensor, PAR sensor, water detectors and smoke detectors. 

The system can control almost all horticultural lighting systems in the market by different lighting adapters. Two separate lighting control channels offer controlling two different lighting systems at the same time.

Hydro-X offers more than 12 separate types of control “modules” to connect to devices such as HVAC systems, mini-split AC, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, CO2, irrigation pumps / valves, fans, and much more. 

The sensors and control modules (device stations) are connected to the main controller by using standard RJ12 cable and RJ12 splitters, making installation as simple as plug-and-play. The modules are “daisy-chained” together using the RJ-12 cables allowing for flexible installation, and future expansion. 

One of the most powerful features of the Hydro-X system is the internet connectivity to Amazon cloud service that will send push alerts to TrolMaster’s smart phone APP. The Trolmaster App offers a real-time monitoring and control from anywhere and anytime.

Main Controller
Grow Light Control
Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Misc Control
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