Hydro-X Environmental Control System

The Hydro-X system is  a professional-grade single zone environmental controller. It is a fully customizable modular designed system. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand. 

The Hydro-X system can control almost anything within a growing area. To eliminates interference in the grow environment, all of the sensors and control modules are HARD-WIRED by standard RJ12 cable and splitters, making installation as simple as plug-and-play.

There are 2 lighting control channels to control up to 512 lights on two separate channels. The system can also operate different lighting systems at the same time. Almost ALL lighting systems in the market can be controlled by the system by different lighting control adaptors.

All the other controlled modules are connected to the device channel. For temperature control: we have TS-1/TS-2 for HVAC systems; ARS-1 for Mini Split system; DST-1/DST-2 for  temperature-controlled outlets. For humidity control: we have HS-1 for most commercial dehumidifiers have a “low-volt” control; DSH-1/DSH-2 for  humidity-controlled outlets. There are also a CO2 controlled outlet (DSC-1),  timer-controlled outlet (DSP-1) and dry contact controlled outlet (DSD-1).

One of the most powerful features of the Hydro-X system is the internet connectivity to connect the unit to the Amazon cloud service. TrolMaster’s free smart phone APP offers monitoring, controlling and receiving push alerts anytime anywhere. 

The Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2) expands the capability of the original Hydro-X (HCS-1) to another level of control. The upgrade can be done easily by replacing the main controller only. 

Main Controller
Grow Light Control
Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Misc Control
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