Hydro-X Environmental Control System
Dry Contact Board for Hydro-X Pro and Aqua-X Pro(OM-8)

The OM-8 dry contact board allows the main controller to control up to 8 individual outputs on it. It is specially designed for the Hydro-X Pro and Aqua-X Pro system. It has 8 individual electrical contacts, and allows up to 12 Amp current through each contact. *The OM-8 should be mounted inside an electric control cabinet, and connected to a power supply between 100-240 VAC.

*When used with the Aqua-X Pro system, OM-8 can activate pumps/solenoids at a higher amperage of 12 A. 

Package Content
Tech Sheets

LCD Display, easy to set up and use

Easy installation

Overload protection on each of the 8 outputs @ 12 amps

Each contact can be forced open or closed for a duration of 30 minutes

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