Hydro-X System Information Survey
  • What light brand do you want to control?
  • What AC do you want to control?
  • Voltage of other temp device want to control?
  • What dehumidifier do you want to control?
  • Voltage of other humidity device want to control
  • Will you be using supplemental CO2?
  • Any device that need to be controlled by time?
  • Do you need to add smoke detector?
  • Do you need to add water leak sensor?
  • Do you want to measure light PAR levels and run auto dimming by PAR level?
  • Do you have a 12-24vac/dc device that needs to be controlled?
  • Do you need to control EC fans with 0-10 volt control signal?
  • Do you have light-deprivation curtains to control?
  • Do you want to replace RJ12 splitter with a 8-port PRO-Grade splitter hub?
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