Carbon-X Multiple Zones CO2 Alarm System

The TrolMaster Carbon-X system is designed to protect customers and workers near commercial indoor growing areas that use supplemental CO2, satisfying all local and state regulations. The system has a modular structure, allowing you to customize the system to fit your unique requirements, being able to monitor up to 13 zones.

The Carbon-X system offers both high level alerts, as well as low level alerts. The sensors will constantly monitor the CO2 level of the areas. If unsafe levels of CO2 are detected, the system can shut down CO2 flow, vent the area, turn on visual and audible alarms and even send signals to a fire alarm panel. 

The system can control up to 40 outputs total. Each output can be linked to an individual sensor or all sensors for a customized programming. There are five types of outputs that can be connected to the system.  

The AS-1 and AS-2 CO2 Alarm Stations are audio-visual alarm modules.  

The DSE-1 CO2 Emergency Stop Station controls the main Co2 solenoid. It will automatically shut it off if any fault or high CO2 level is detected

The DSC-1 is a 120V controlled outlet that turns on devices like ventilation fans if any fault or high CO2 level is detected. 

The DSD-1 is a Dry Contact output. Both N/O and N/C connections are provided on the DSD-1 and it can interface to the fire alarm panel.

The Carbon-X system also provides internet connectivity to a cloud service that will send push alerts to Trolmaster’s smart phone APP and send alert emails to email accounts. 

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