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Multifunction Crimper (MC-1)
Trolmaster MC-1 Multifunction Crimper  and Cable Tester is a premium-quality, all-in-one crimp tool, network cable tester, wire stripper and cutter. Network professionals can easily terminate and test network cables for wiring continuity, open configurations, shorts and miswires. An excellent addition to any network toolbox, this crimping tool and cable tester can quickly check terminations before IT staff install the customized cable. It also allows for quick identification and repair of connection problems in an existing installation.
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All-in-one professional modular crimping tool with cutting, stripping and cable-testing functions

- Compatible with RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 and RJ22 plugs
- Cuts, strips, terminates and tests with one tool
- Tests patch cables and installed wiring
- Ratchet function

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