Hydro-X Environmental Control System
VFD, Basic Compact Driver for AC motors speed controls(Delta-1)

The Delta-1 is one of the possible variable-frequency drive (VFD) that can be used with Trolmaster's VFD-1 module. The Delta-1 and the VFD-1 can be used with the TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro system to control the speed of 3-phase AC motors (industrial fans etc.). An RJ45 cable is included for connecting the Delta-1 with the TrolMaster VFD-1 module. This customized version has all the required parameters preset and ready to be operated with VFD-1 module straight out of the box.

* VFD drives can only operate 3 phase fans / motors. Single phase motors cannot be used with the VFD-1 or the Delta-1 VFD drive.

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