Aqua-X Irrigation Control System
Aqua-X Plus Irrigation Control System(NFS-3)
The Aqua-X Plus controller is an upgraded version of the Aqua-X controller. It’s a professional-grade multi-zone irrigation control system. It has an 800x480 7” LCD touch-screen monitor, features multiple advanced pump and solenoid control functions and has greatly expanded device control capacity. As with all of the main controllers from TrolMaster, the Aqua-X Plus works with TrolMaster’s free app and can be connected to your internet directly using a standard CAT5 network cable. Along with controlling 240 total devices, the NFS-3 can also monitor up to 25 individual sensors including pH, EC, Temp, WC%, Grow Medium Temp and Grow Medium EC. You can view the recorded historical data directly on the NFS-3 or on your smartphone, and also receive warning messages / notifications if the growing environment exceeds your selected alarm setpoints within the NFS-3. The optional WCS-1 or WCS-2 Water Content Sensor will monitor the water content and EC of the growing medium. The WCS-1/2 will help to visualize the dry-down time and to make adjustments to irrigation timers or irrigation settings. You can even choose to allow the WCS-1/2 Water Content Sensors to actively control irrigation cycles for automated Crop Steering based on the Water Content of your grow medium. Finally, a truly automated crop-steering controller, with the flexibility to satisfy even the most demanding applications. The NFS-3 also features Multiple Pump Link functions. Multiple Pump Links provides choices for users to connect / link different pumps with different valves to accomplish various irrigation functions. The NFS-3 offers an amazing amount of flexibility to suit all growers.

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Tech Sheets
7" Touchscreen
New Crop Steering Irrigation Function
Expanded Sensors & Control Modules Capacity
Free Smart Phone App control
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