Aqua-X Irrigation Control System
12 Outputs 24V Control Board for NFS-2 & NFS-3(OAT-24)
The OAT-24 module is specifically designed for the Aqua-X Pro Irrigation Control System. It features 12 individual 24V outputs that can control up to 12 individual 24-volt irrigation solenoids. By using multiple OAT-24 modules, the Aqua-X Pro Irrigation Control System can manage up to 600 individually controlled 24 valves. Each of the solenoid valves can be independently configured by the users with one of the five control modes. Feed by: Recycle, Schedule, Demand, Volume, or Auto-fill. The OAT-24 gives users the ability to easily manage irrigation schedules for multiple nutrients, rooms, and irrigation zones.
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12 individuals schedules outputs
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