Aqua-X Irrigation Control System

The Aqua-X series is a professional-grade irrigation control system. It is a fully customizable modular-designed system. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand.

Aqua-X System

The NFS-1 has an LCD display and 6-buttons to allow the user to change setpoints and access functions on the Aqua-X. The timers can be set up to be recycling timers or schedule timers with 12 individual customizable irrigation schedules that operate at specific times of day with different durations. The ON Timers can be set as low as 1 second. OFF times can be set down as low as 1 minute.

A maximum of 5 control modules can be connected to each NFS-1. Users can manage irrigation times for nutrient tanks or Dosatron systems. TrolMaster recommends using the NFS-1 / Aqua-X system to control up to 30 individual outputs ( 24V or 110V ). 

The NFS-1 also offers pH, EC, and water temperature monitoring as well as historical data logging. The user also can monitor the moisture level of the growing medium using the optional WCS-1 sensors. 

Aqua-X Pro System

The NFS-2 controller from TrolMaster is one of the most advanced irrigation controllers available today. The NFS-2 is a multi-functional controller which can control multiple irrigation solenoids and pumps. Many advanced new features are available in Aqua-X Pro.

The NFS-2 can also monitor multiple water sensors that can measure pH, EC, temperature, and water content sensors. There is also a new optional DFW-1 flow-meter that serves multiple functions. Each of the solenoids and pumps can be "linked" to work together so that multiple growing areas can be controlled by a single NFS-2.

When combined with the optional AMP-3, WCS-1, WCS-2 sensors, and the new DFW-1 flow-meter, the NFS-2 allows the user to monitor up to 50 sensors and receive mobile notifications when any problem is detected by the system.

The NFS-2 was created to allow users to customize their irrigation cycle and be able to control the irrigation events by using either the DFM-1 digital flow-meter, WCS-1, or WCS-2 moisture content sensors or by simple timers. Each device controlled by the NFS-2 can conceivably have an unlimited number of irrigation "events" each 24-hour day.

Advanced Features in Aqua-X Pro

- Multi-Zone Monitoring

- Feed by Volume (with DFM-1/2)

- Liquid Volume Monitoring

- Feed On Demand (with WCS-1/2)

- Auto-Fill (with WD-1/2)

- Calendar Reminders

- Calendar Control - Predetermined “Recipes”

Main Controller
24V Control
Master Pump Control (Only 1 module can be used on NFS-1 24v line)
110V Control
Water Monitoring
Water Detection
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